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Oil-free switches, contamination-free enviroment

Ekoslide AZ-2 in operation

The Ekoslide system was formerly also known as the rail switch slide or roller plate. It was first developed by then Fuel Combine at Vřesová in the Czech Republic in 1984. At the time of efficiency measures a system was devised to provide the shifting of the switch tongue without the necessity of lubricating the slide plates. Ekoslide is a roller system with the switch tongue not moving on slide plates but on rollers. Without any interference to the switch structure, Ekoslide preserves the function of the slide plates under passing trains, i.e. the slide plates continue to bear the weight of trains. Hence, the Ekoslide system was tested certified and has been used since 1997. Ekoslide is sold throughout European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2007 the system was modified for the use on switches in North and South America. Current testing in India and Brazil is being carried out successfully. The total number of installed Ekoslide switches sold in the above-mentioned countries exceeds 100,000 pieces.

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We exhibit at InnoTrans trade fair

Two years have passed and we are going to exhibit our products at biggest rail transport trade fair InnoTrans in Berlin.