Ekoslide is a product for railways and sidings assuring rail switching without the necessity of slide plate lubrication. Use of Ekoslide brings about a number of benefits and considerable cost savings. There are several product series differing in the method of function and installation, with identical function and benefits.

Produkt Ekoslide na výhybce


  • In all types of switches and rails including narrow-gauge rails (such as S49, A, T, R65, UIC 48, UIC 49, UIC 54, UIC 60)
  • In public railway lines and sidings also under extreme conditions
Produkt Ekoslide na výhybce

Service life of Ekoslide, Guarantee

  • The service life of Ekoslide products is 25 years
  • The flexible block with disc springs (is guaranteed for 2 years)
  • The flexible block with elastomere (is guaranteed for 5 years)
Produkt Ekoslide na výhybce


  • Complete elimination of the need to lubricate the slide plates
  • Reduction of switching resistance by up to 40%, hence, shortening the switching time by up to 30%, which extends the life of the switch
  • Reduced labour consumption in switch maintenance represented by the removal of deposits on the slide plates, and reduced physical strain resulting from manual switching
Produkt Ekoslide na výhybce

Economic advantages

  • Labour and lubricant savings
  • Saving of secondary costs of decontamination of the sub-base treatment materials and damage caused by the use of oil and grease
Produkt Ekoslide na výhybce

Environmental benefits

  • Elimination of railway substructure contamination
  • Elimination of water course and groundwater contamination
Produkt Ekoslide na výhybce

Labour Safety

  • Reducing the risk of injuries caused during periodic applications of lubricants
  • Reducing the risk of fire
Produkt Ekoslide na výhybce

Package size

  • 4 pieces per carton
  • Carton box size 400 × 200 × 210 mm

Individual types of Ekoslide

Type series A
Type series B
Type series C
Type AZ-1Typ AZ-1 Type AZ-2Typ AZ-1 Type BZ-2Typ AZ-1 Type CXTyp AZ-1 Type CZ-5Typ AZ-1 Type AP-1Typ AZ-1 Type AP-2Typ AZ-1 Type BP-2Typ AZ-1 Type CZ-10Typ AZ-1 Type CZ-15Typ AZ-1